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Psychic - Medium - Clairvoyant

Who is Julie?

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Julie Cryer

Julie Cryer emerged as a Gifted Psychic / Medium forty years ago while working in the Civil Service, after revealing to her colleagues that she could communicate with people who had passed away and see into the future.

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Julie's Unique Gifts

Here are the unique gifts that Julie has to offer, for more information please click on a service below.


Being psychic is for me the strongest and most enjoyable of my gifts as it enables me to test my own beliefs in my abilities and I think that is essential when living with a gift that is questioned by so many...

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I am a gifted medium as I was born with the ability to communicate with people who have passed away. My gift enables me to see and speak to spirits wishing to communicate with friends and loved ones...

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As a clairvoyant I am able to see the spirit I communicate with and from this vision describe in great detail the information they wish to relay to my clients during the readings, for it is "in the detail" which helps...

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Being clairaudient enables me to hear very clearly the words from spirits and other sounds such as music they may wish me to describe when doing a reading. I often question spirits on behalf of a client...

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Julie is very down to earth. A very gifted, unique & special person, that I am proud to call my friend...

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Julie has appeared on the following:

Yorkshire Evening Post
Yorkshire Television
Womans Own Magazine
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BBC Leeds