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About Julie Cryer

Trusted - Gifted - Passionate

Trusted Clairvoyant

I emerged as a Gifted Psychic / Medium forty years ago while working in the Civil Service, after revealing to my colleagues that I could communicate with people who had passed away and see into the future.

I had lived through many spiritual experiences throughout my childhood and at eighteen years of age finally felt the need to share my gift. As I began to do readings in my local area of Leeds my reputation for being precise and accurate grew rapidly nationwide then internationally. This led to many appearances on television, interviews on radio along with magazines including my time as "Celebrity Psychic" for Heat Magazine.

I remain passionate about my work with clients as I am totally dedicated to providing the highest quality reading, while ensuring that all my communication on behalf of spirit is full of detail and fact appropriate to the person I am reading for.

Integrity is a main priority as I often discuss personal matters, and the overall experience should leave you in no doubt of my sincerity.

Working With Celebrities

When I began doing readings the idea of working with celebrities never crossed my mind. Long before the arrival of Google or Social Media the only way to connect with famous people was to watch them on screens or listen to their music, so for the first few years my readings always remained very much with members of the public.

This all began to change when I was contacted by a journalist from More Magazine who had heard of me and wanted to do a feature on my work as a young medium. Other magazines followed too as they became interested in my profile, such as Just Seventeen, Woman and Heat Magazine. National newspapers began to take interest in my work also until I eventually appeared on television The Time The Place, Richard and Judy, This Morning and also many radio interviews.

Such exposure revealed my name and reputation to many people who worked in the media and music industry, and soon I was receiving phone calls from "famous names" requesting a sitting with me.

I worked from home and often I would have an actor or actress from the soaps such as Coronation Street, Brookside, Emmerdale and Eastenders visit me for a reading, many of them went onto be much more famous and I am proud to say we are still in contact today. I also read for Home and Away and Neighbours young actors while they were visiting the UK, and one of my favourite meetings was with the iconic "Pat Butcher" Pam St Clements who I remain close to today. Pamela is a very private and adorable person and as with most people in the public eye, integrity and trust is essential and this has kept our association strong over the years.

I have read for a very close friend of the late John Lennon's and this almost backfired when a journalist from a National Newspaper rang me for details on the person I was seeing and their reason for seeing me. I refused point blank to discuss anything with him and he would not tell me who had passed the information to him.

The most amazing reading I experienced happened when the comedian Larry Grayson came to see me at my home near Leeds. As I discussed his family history I made spiritual contact with Tony Hancock, Kenny Williams and Frankie Howard to name a few. These men had all worked closely to Larry in their early years and had remained very good friends until they each passed away. They all had a wicked sense of humour and individually discussed special memories of times together which made Larry cry with laughter. None of the stories were known to the public so my reading really impressed Larry, and he reacted with such warmth towards me.

Some of my clients became very good friends following several readings over the years and I am very fortunate to attend filming and theatrical events with them, one being the very talented actor Andrew Dunn. I often visited the set of Dinnerladies while Andrew was filming his role as "Tony" and met the wonderfully gifted Victoria Wood while doing so. My husband, son and myself stayed over at Victoria's house one night after the show and I treasure the memories of the few times we shared during those special years. Andrew is now preparing for his role in the stage version of "Full Monty" so back to the theatre for me as I feel so proud to be watching him again. Strange as he was with the actor Mark Addy the day I forecasted his role in the film "Full Monty" and his eventual Hollywood success.

During all this time of working with people from the media I began to connect with many young musicians from very famous bands reading for them and their friends, even visiting festivals with them such as V99 and Radio Roadshows. As a person whose music interest is dedicated to Northern Soul I often had no idea who I was talking to despite their fame in the music industry and I think they found my ignorance appealing from a reading point of view.

Working with celebrities has never changed the way I work with the public as I am passionate about helping and guiding those who need my support, no matter what path they have taken in life.

However it has given me some wonderful personal experiences and memories to treasure and that I am grateful for.

Julie's Unique Gifts

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Being psychic is for me the strongest and most enjoyable of my gifts as it enables me to test my own beliefs in my abilities and I think that is essential when living with a gift that is questioned by so many...

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I am a gifted medium as I was born with the ability to communicate with people who have passed away. My gift enables me to see and speak to spirits wishing to communicate with friends and loved ones...

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As a clairvoyant I am able to see the spirit I communicate with and from this vision describe in great detail the information they wish to relay to my clients during the readings, for it is "in the detail" which helps...

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Being clairaudient enables me to hear very clearly the words from spirits and other sounds such as music they may wish me to describe when doing a reading. I often question spirits on behalf of a client...

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