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My Life As A Working Medium

Part One

Date added: 02/02/17

My Life As A Working Medium

The year is 1975 and I am seventeen years of age working in an office in Leeds as a Clerical Assistant in the Civil Service. I was single, ambitious, and loving my first year of full time employment surrounded by some wonderful colleagues who were soon to find out my secret!

There never seemed to be a good time to make my announcement as nerves and fear of rejection would overwhelm me whenever I thought about doing so, after all this was the decade when so many things was still considered taboo and I just wanted to "fit in" and be seen as normal. I sat at my desk as we drank our afternoon cuppa and nervously said "I have something to tell you all" (all being the six people I worked very closely with every day, all six people who thought they really knew me inside out) "I see dead people and they talk to me all the time whether I want to talk to them or not."

One by one their reaction took my breath away as they said "we're not surprised as you have said so many things in countless conversations with all of us that you could not have possibly known.". Then the questions flowed, "when did you know? who could I see? how long have you been a Medium?" I did'nt know which to answer first especially as I had not thought of myself as a Medium, a title usually associated with much older women who always seemed to be called Doris or Betty!

I had grown up thinking that I had a condition rather than a gift, and suddenly I felt a sense of relief that I could now be open and honest about my experiences. As I answered their questions I seemed to be giving messages beyond their belief, messages from loved ones they had lost over the years, messages to pass on to family members and friends, and that's where it all began... My Life as a Working Medium.

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