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If you are thinking of visiting a psychic / medium or booking a reading over the phone then please consider your reasons for doing so and what you hope to gain from the experience. You are only vulnerable if you allow yourself to be.

I always speak to prospective clients personally to book my readings, answering any questions they may have regarding their visit, including length of time required and cost involved. I don't book large group readings as I prefer one to one experiences where my client feels relaxed and at ease throughout, often recommending they contact me at anytime if they wish to discuss the content at a later stage.

My phone readings are from mobile or landline numbers with no premium or hidden rates involved and testimonials from reputable people can be viewed on my website for reassurance. As I began my work long before any form of social media I had to rely on "word of mouth" and eventually gaining a solid reputation, something I still consider essential when you consider making a booking.


Being psychic is for me the strongest and most enjoyable of my gifts as it enables me to test my own beliefs in my abilities and I think that is essential when living with a gift that is questioned by so many. I worked as a very young medium for many years not realising how many of my forecasts (predictions) were coming true for clients and would eventually realise that I was seeing into future with great accuracy as they told me of events coming true following the readings, even many years later as predictions can relate to many years ahead.

Some of my most precise predictions have been for people in the media while they were relatively unknown and they have since gone on to be very famous for their work in TV and music, which I am very proud of. Many still keep in touch and have readings to this day despite their success.

During 2001 I was Heat Magazine's Celebrity Psychic and did a feature on Big Brother Two with an outcome that proved to many my forecasting skills.

I was given the the profiles of the contestants a few weeks prior to the show going on air and was asked to name who I thought may win. I not only forecast the winner, I also forecast the first person to be evicted!

With Heat Magazine I also did a similar feature for the first series of Pop Idol in 2002, once again forecasting the winner Will Young but also the instant chart success of Gareth Gates.

The most unbelievable forecast with "Heat" was regarding Justin Timberlake. I had been asked to name a future rising star who was in the music industry but not yet really famous in their own right.

Against all odds I chose a skinny, young band member of "NSYNC" called Justin Timberlake, who would eventually go solo in his music career and become a global superstar! This forecast resembles the one I did for "Hello" website USA December 2014 about Justin Bieber. Despite Justin going through one of the worst periods of his life and musical career, I predicted he would go back to basics making music not headlines and have a phenomenal tour with great discipline which he certainly did in dominating the charts throughout most of 2015.

I believe the predictions I see for people are the good things that are meant to be in their lives, I would never ever see or forecast bad news as that is not what my gift is for.


I am a gifted medium as I was born with the ability to communicate with people who have passed away and my gift enables me to see and speak to spirits wishing to communicate with friends and loved ones. Such communication is very clear to me and I have been doing readings for 40 years purely on word of mouth which I consider a wonderful way to gain a reputable name in this type of work. When doing readings I simply speak in a normal voice but can adopt mannerisms of the person I am communicating with, some people say it's as if I am "mimicking" their loved ones and they find it very comforting as well as proof of my gift.

Although I often do my readings in person many of my clients live in different parts of the UK and abroad so I also work over the phone and more recently on Facetime, something I have enjoyed adapting to over the years as my reputation grew.

I have read for many celebrities in TV, film and the music industry which requires me to show great deal of trust and integrity, and I would never disclose the names of a celebrity client without their knowledge or permission.

There is a very serious and sensitive side to my work as a medium especially when dealing with heart breaking situations, however there is also much love and laughter through the communication which is something people never expect to experience on a reading with me and I can only hope that my gift helps to ease some of the grief we all can suffer in loosing someone so close to us.


As a clairvoyant I am able to see the spirit I communicate with and from this vision describe in great detail the information they wish to relay to my clients during the readings, for it is "in the detail" which helps to confirm I am truly speaking to spirit and I consider such proof very necessary.

I don't use cards or a crystal ball when doing my readings, something that can sometimes disappoint people about me as they expect me to appear or be very mystical. This could not be further from the truth, however being clairvoyant is a lovely gift to share and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people from many walks of life while doing so.

Business and Corporate Forecasting

I suppose I started forecasting in the business world in the very early years of my doing readings, however it was many years later I realised how much I enjoyed such predictions. Following generous feedback from many clients who went on to experience first hand the detailed visions I had discussed with them on a sitting, I became more interested in my own ability to "stretch" my psychic gift this way.

There is often a perception that people visiting someone like myself is naïve, vulnerable and certainly not from a business background, in my case this could not be further from the truth.

Many of my clients held senior posts in their work place, had their own successful businesses or were starting out in new career paths where my vision and guidance proved to be invaluable.

The predictions I would make in these circumstances had to be very precise in detail and leave my client with a very positive attitude from the advice given on the day. Many referred to me as a "mentor" as this was a acceptable title when discussing our association to colleagues, for people can be very cynical towards anyone believing in psychics or mediums.

With time I broke down such barriers and my work became in demand in the business and corporate world, especially when the credible results of my guidance was there for all to see.

During 2004 to 2012 I concentrated very much on business readings, they became the biggest challenge to myself as I wanted to push the boundaries of what only I knew I was capable of.

The responsibility of giving day to day forecasts in such surroundings encouraged me to use my own intellect more and more to question everything I was seeing for clients, especially matters relating to their future. During these years I soon discovered there was little room for error, which made me more determined to test my gift rather than others feeling the need to. Some of the most interesting years saw me based in Mayfair, London and abroad in Europe where I was totally accepted in the work place as you would a lawyer or accountant, I am very proud of this fact to this day.

Integrity and trust is crucial in all my work but probably more than ever when working in the business world.

Equine Communicator

This is probably one of my most unusual gifts I have encountered and something I "stumbled" on during one of my readings a few years ago.

The lady in question owned a farm and equestrian centre and as I discussed personal family matters on her reading I gave undisclosed information on the the many horses she had taken into her care following neglect or abandonment by their owners.

This was a subject I had no prior knowledge on, the details were being passed to me from a deceased family member and the lady told me at the end of the reading that they were remarkably accurate, prompting her to invite me to the farm to meet with the horses.

I was intrigued to see if I could offer more advice on the behavioural problems of the animals, assuming I would be doing this through spirit as per usual I eagerly agreed to go.

As I arrived I had no idea what I was about to experience and neither did my client, it turned out to be one of the most special days in all my years of working as a medium.

I approached every horse with caution as they are such sensitive creatures, when suddenly one after another I began to hear them communicate with me and they all wanted to discuss their past experiences and the effect on them today.

Some were very troubled by being mistreated by previous owners and went into great detail of injuries they had suffered and psychological damage. "Sally" my client knew much of their history and we were able to connect current problems the horses were experiencing with the messages I was giving, and what treatment if any could be given.

After meeting with and speaking to ten or more of these beautiful creatures I came across the most profound message of the day. A stunning black horse who was very difficult, withdrawn and few people were allowed to approach him. As I stood a few feet away the messages began. He had been involved in a public parade where a bomb exploded killing people and fellow horses and he had never recovered from the horrific event. He trusted no one but did not want to remain this with way. With Sally's help I relayed messages of comfort and reassurance and could only hope this would help.

Several weeks later Sally rang to explain the positive and significant change in many of the horses but most of all my "black beauty" had become much more calm and sociable.

I am now enjoying my Equine Communication so much, that as my reputation grows, so does my love for this special gift.

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