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"Honest" - "Hardworking" - "Inspiring"


I was walking through Leeds late one afternoon after a busy morning of readings, and as I passed a favourite café of mine I noticed two familiar faces through the window. Andrew Dunn who was and still is a very close friend of mine, and Mark Addy who I had met through a mutual friend while they were appearing in the theatre together.

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Mark Addy - Actor

Julie is gifted in so many ways. Not only with her psychic / mediumship (which utterly blows you away when she comes out with something that there is no way she could have known about) but also uses her skill in being a very compassionate and helpful person. I have relied on Julie's advice on many occasions and inevitably she is correct and I can't thank her enough for helping me. Over the years Julie has become a good friend and I feel honoured to have such a lovely person in my life.

Andrew Dunn - Actor

I came to see you in 1993 when I was just 17 I am now 40! The reading you gave me was the best reading I have ever had; you made contact with my lovely Grandad and when you relayed his messages to me you used phrases and words that he used when I was a little girl and so I knew it was him, it was emotional but actually really funny but most of all comforting. You told me about my then future dreams which at the time I had not told anyone about, you also told me various things about my future which started coming true maybe a month after and up to 20 years later!! However you didn’t tell me too much as you said that if you told me anymore it would spoil it for me, as a giddy 17 year old I wanted to know more more more, but respected your honestly and integrity. As my life has played out I completely understand why you said that and you were so right to do so!! So 23 years on it was an amazing reading with you, Thank you!!

Kath Davies

Julie is just fabulous – kind, compassionate, empathic and, above all, someone you can really trust. Julie has been an absolute rock through an extraordinarily tough time dealing with my daughter's illness and has said things which are just now beginning to bear fruit. If you need help or simply clarity then I would heartily recommend Julie. She's special and so is her gift.

Amanda Lees - Writer

Hello! My names Hannah, I'm one of the girls whose horse you saw on Wednesday. (The one who kept saying 'oh my god!' Haha) I just wanted to say thank you so much. I still feel so emotional from your reading with Conan. Everything you said was 100% and I can honestly say the bond between us since you've been has been growing every day. Conan is my life, my partner and my world and I feel more connected with him more than ever now. Would defiantly recommend you to anyone whether they're having problems with their horse or just generally interested in that sort of thing. You are such a nice woman and I can't thank you enough for 'speaking for conan' for me. Will definitely have you again. Thank you!

Hannah and Conan

Julie is one of a kind, she has helped me and believed in me completely from the moment she met me. Her guidance and readings not only give me hope, but inspire me to keep chasing my dream and live a fulfilled positive life. She is a lovely, kind, nurturing soul who uses her ability to help people. Her support is priceless and treasured and I will never forget what she's done for me and continues to do. Thanks Julie.

Matthew Warhurst

I just had the most amazing chat with a truly gifted pyschic / medium Julie Cryer ... Wow, Julie... Thank you so much, you are truly a special woman! - Please contact this talented lady if you need any guidance or advice, you'll be amazed... xo

Sean Borg - British Multimedia Journo & Blogger

When I was 28 years old my nanny died and never having lost anyone before, I felt bereft. So a fellow actor suggested I go to see a medium her sisters had been to see. All I was told was that she lived in a pit village, near Leeds and did the readings from her house.

At the time I was still with my boyfriend, even though he had called off our wedding as he didn't feel ready to get married, yet he still wanted to remain engaged to me. I therefore decided to slip my engagement ring off, so that Julie would have no clues as to my relationship status.

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Gilly Tompkins - Actress

I first met Julie over 25 years ago when I went for a reading. Since then she has become one of my dearest & closest friends, as well as my trusted mentor. Time and again she has proven herself not only as a truly gifted medium, but beyond that as a person of integrity, wisdom, discretion, kindness & loyalty. She has helped me through some very dark times. Guided me toward the right decisions. Supported me in both my career & personal life. And she does it all so effortlessly, respectfully & with good grace. Readings can be completely serious, but they can also be funny & joyous times. Julie is very down to earth. A very gifted, unique & special person, that I am proud to call my friend. X

Andrina Carrol - Actress

A few months after our first meeting I invited Julie to accompany me to some television interviews I was asked to do on bereavement and belief in mediums as I thought it easier for Julie to explain herself and her gift as I needed no further convincing.

We also appeared together on the Judy and Richard show for an interview on the subject and the positive response from the public was overwhelming.

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Christine Yorath - Property Developer

My Son Mark was electrocuted at work one day, he was 31 and my best friend. He was a beautiful, happy, hardworking and loving person, to everyone,..but especially to me. To say my life changed forever, and I was in shock and the deepest of grief,.. Is an understatement. I struggled to continue to live my life without him, as I could not believe the sun still set and rose each day when I felt so lost and lonely.

The first months are a nightmare of regret, suffocating grief, and total loss, and loneliness. And as a mother the guilt of not stopping it from happening to him. I don't think the words have been invented yet, to describe my pain which I was in and had to live with 24/7, which then extends to all the family and friends that care about me. It was a spiral into the deepest darkest place I have ever been.

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Carol Harle

I had the very good fortune to be introduced to Julie Cryer in the summer of 2000 by a colleague of mine who said "You've got to meet Julie she's amazing". Why not I thought, I was in the midst of big changes in my life and career. So I went open minded yet wary. well AMAZING was an understatement! Julie was all that and more! She told me things that were beyond anything I expected.

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Ariane Poole - Celebrity Make Up Artist

Where to start. I never go to psychics and I don't know why I called Julie. I did it on a whim after a friend had spoken to her and recommended I call her. Julie happened to be in London and came to my house. As she walked in she said "You know you are going to visit your husband in America next week, well you better pack up because you are moving". She then went on to describe exactly what would follow in my life.

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Victoria Butler-Sloss

Julie has an amazing gift. She is incredibly positive I felt she guided me to where I should've been going. I loved my meeting with her and came away full of clarity about my life. It was a joyous and exciting experience seeing Julie for a reading and I can't wait until next time.

Esther Coles - Actress

Julie has given me many readings over the past 15 years. They have all been extremely accurate. Julie has a lovely, caring manner. I have called her several weeks after a reading to ask her further questions and she is always willing to spend time to help you.

Lydia Ziff

There are mediums ...and there's Julie Cryer. Otherworldly, but for sure down to earth. Few are in her league...none deliver it with such humour and understanding. I'd pay to watch this charismatic woman juggle bananas to be honest - never met her once without driving away going "THAT... was just INCREDIBLE".

Nicky Pattinson - Motivational Speaker

I had a great business psychic reading today by the hugely gifted Julie Cryer. Get in touch with her if you would also like a psychic prediction. Highly recommend.

Jackie Cummins - Business Coach

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Being psychic is for me the strongest and most enjoyable of my gifts as it enables me to test my own beliefs in my abilities and I think that is essential when living with a gift that is questioned by so many...

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I am a gifted medium as I was born with the ability to communicate with people who have passed away. My gift enables me to see and speak to spirits wishing to communicate with friends and loved ones...

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As a clairvoyant I am able to see the spirit I communicate with and from this vision describe in great detail the information they wish to relay to my clients during the readings, for it is "in the detail" which helps...

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Being clairaudient enables me to hear very clearly the words from spirits and other sounds such as music they may wish me to describe when doing a reading. I often question spirits on behalf of a client...

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